MBZ-10 Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Report for 2016

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MBZ-10 Rotary Screen Printing Machine (Open Head System)

MBZ-10 for better repeat accuracy & bigger repeat printing i.e. 101.8, 116.8, 120.6 & 145.0 cms.

Open screen bearing system

Quick & accurate repeat pre-setting

Printing Zone

Open Head System


New Development

Now possible upto 1400 mm, 1450 mm, 1500 mm, 1600 mm repeats
German bed sheet Printing on Embee’s Rotary Printing System…
Printing : 1600, 1680 repetas
Some Big Repeats Printed with Embee’s System…
Type Prtg. widthNo. of possitionANo. of Chamber BCD M/c. widthE Total width Reqd.F
12004 Colours4625212540210530001500
15008 Colours6625519040240531501500
18008 Colours6625519040270533001500
240012 Colours6625521040330536001500
280012 Colours8625622540370538001500
320012 Colours8625622540410540001500


Typical schematic diagram for MB-10 RSPM / MBZ-10 RSPM