INFINIUM iD – Servo Individual Drive System

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INFINIUM iD - Servo Individual Drive System

Infinium iD has been developed using the state-of-the-art electronic control system and latest technologies.

More than 5 decades of experience, the continuous research, the technical modernization, the co-operation of our technical team enabled us to offer this unique product of high quality and precision.

The machine is equipped with a servo-motor for each printing position to improve printing accuracy and ease of operation. Each position can be adjusted individually, and can be set high or low.

This delivers the highest printing quality, combined with excellent efficiency and minimum waste.
This highly-sophisticated approach reduces the amount of cabling in the machine and therefore also reduces the chance of malfunction.


Unique Features:

Servo Individual Drive System

Infinium iD is an ideal option for customers who prefer individual drive system. The printing blanket as well as all printing heads are provided with superior quality individual Motors.
This allows greater flexibility with lowest speed difference between the printing blanket and the Screen Head.
One of the main benefit is significant energy saving because of reduced number of running printing Heads.
Key benefits are greater stability, perfect print fitting even in long printing runs and hence reduced wastage.

Repeat Setting

Infinium iD ensures the easiest setting of longitudinal, lateral and diagonal repeats at any printing position.
For magnetic roller squeegees the magnetic force can be altered which controls the squeegee pressure to give desire print quality.
Thus, repeat settings, squeegee/magnet force and colour pump settings can be adjusted with ease.
Maximum repeat sizes up to 1018 mm possible.

Touch Screen Individual Head

Infinium iD comes with the most innovative touch screen interface for ease of operation.
The user interface of the touch panel is very easy to understand for the factory workers.

Touch Screen Main Panel

The main touch-operated control panel is also very informative, yet easy to operate.
It is connected to an industrial PC.
For security purpose control settings and access can be restricted for authorized personnel.

Remote Assistance

For urgent technical solutions, by our experienced engineers the machine can be access remotely whenever required.
This ensures that there is no loss in regular production and immediate solution.
Any issues are resolved immediately and productivity therefore remains high.


Gas Heating


  • High-efficiency dryer
  • The ingenious nozzle system
  • Adjustable inverter-controlled air-flow ensure uniform temperature distribution
  • Easily removable lint filters and nozzles for cleaning
  • Superior insulation panels for energy saving
  • Modular design of chamber

Gas Heated Dryer :

With close circuit design of dryer to enable very fast gain of drying temperature-which ensures high efficiency.

Hi-efficiency drier chamber


Oil/Steam Heating

Oil & Steam Heated Dryer :

With High efficiency double radiators for each section of dryer i.e. 4 radiators per chamber enables very high drying capacity & faster production.