Fixed Blanket System

Report for 2016

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Fixed Blanket System

S.S. Squeegee Blade System

Available in 3 mtr., 5 mtr., 7 mtr., 10 mtr. & 12 mtr. length


(a) S.S. Squeegee blade system with hard be wooden platform SPT-41
(b) Magnetic roll rod system with floating blanket system SPT-40
(c) S.S. Squeegee blade system with floating blanket system is most successfully installed SPT-39

Technical Data-Model SPT-41

Dimensions of the SPT-in mm1850 mm
Printing Length4710
Effective printing length3690
Additional section2800
Repeat from… mm640-1018
Air pressure in bar6-8 bar

Magnet Squeegee System

Salient features:-

  • Floating Blanket With Both Magnet System & squeegee blade system available.
  • Motorised drive to screen carriage.
  • Both side rack ensures perfect fitting through out the length.
  • Fine design setting during carriage movement possible.
  • Adaptability to all types of endrings possible.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Earliest payback.