Endring Removing Machine

Endring Removing Machine : ERM-1

New Development

Removes Endring in Less than 1 minutes!!!

Advantages :

  • Fast, easy to use
  • Save on labour & time
  • Save on chemicals (Endring remover)
  • No damage to costly screens
  • Enhances the life of screens
  • Enhances the life of endring

Technical Details :

This state of the art, embee’s endring removing machine – ERM-1 allows to remove the endring without the use of chemical and safeguard the edges of costly screens. As endrings are not in contact with the chemicals, the life of the endring also increases.

The strong hot air is blown over the glued area & perfectly designed blade is inserted safely and easily between the screen and endring. Then the screen with endring is manually rotated while the hot air is blown, and endring is removed in less than one minute easily and safely.