Endring Glueing Machine

Endring Glueing Machine : MB-2011

With unique multi bulb heating system

New Development

Fixes Endring in just 2 minutes!!!

Extremely Fast & Accurate


  • Fast, easy to use
  • Save on labour & time
  • Save on chemicals (Endring remover)
  • No damage to costly screens
  • Enhances the life of screens
  • Enhances the life of endring

Technical Details :

Perfect fixing of the endring is of paramount importance. Embee’s MB-2011 fixes the endrings perfectly & within 2 minutes.

The unique multi-bulb high energy heating system is helped by optimum velocity blower fan. This ensures quick glueing of endrings with the screen within just 2 minutes.

RS-253 one component endring adhesive

RS-53 & 53 C two component endring adhesive